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Samsung LED VideoWall 110“ FHD - Pixel Pitch 1.2

Samsung LED VideoWall 110“ FHD - Pixel Pitch 1.2

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Effortlessly showcase your business with The Wall
Those who set their sights on big things can offer unparalleled viewing experiences that captivate and inspire others. With The Wall, Samsung has once again created a great opportunity for unforgettable visual statements.

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Based on many years of experience in the field of micro-LED display technology and continuous development, The Wall can now also meet another requirement of professional users: the desire for easy installation. Experience for yourself how effortless your business can be with The Wall in
can set the scene.

Black Seal technology
Abyssal black

The combination of exceptionally intense black levels and the special Black Seal technology enables a uniform deep black background for intense contrasts and breathtaking details.

Ultra Chroma technology
Great color purity

Colors are displayed with spectacular vibrancy,
so that the scenes are reproduced almost realistically
can. Narrower wavelengths produce twice purer and
More precise RGB colors than conventional LEDs.

Pre-assembled installation
Easy installation process

The Wall All-in-One can simplify installation by hanging three or four pre-assembled modules on the wall-mounted background panels, depending on the size of the display. The installation can usually be carried out by two people within just two hours.

Integrated S-Box
Automatic configuration

With The Wall All-in-One, configuration between control box and cabinets is not required. The S-Box is integrated into the display, eliminating the need for a laborious configuration process and making the display quickly ready for use.

Key Features
Simple selection process

As an all-in-one solution, The Wall All-in-One does not have the complexity traditionally associated with LED displays.
This can make the selection process easier because you can make purchasing decisions based on resolution and size - without having to worry about pixel pitches or configurations.

Components included
No additional peripherals

The Wall All-in-One includes everything you need to run it - from the S-Box and wall mounts to speakers
and a decorative frame. No additional purchases or components are required, making your display quick
is ready for use.

20 bit color depth
Colors close to perfection

With 20 bit color depth, The Wall All-in-One can achieve almost
Achieve exact color representation with high accuracy. The high bit depth at low gray levels also ensures an impressive contrast ratio and soft, natural color gradients.

Linear grayscale
Natural shades

A precise linear gray scale brings out subtleties and
allows natural textures, volumes and shades.
This can intensify the viewing experience, allowing the viewer
can delve even deeper into the content.

Key Features

Neural Quantum Processor 4K
Real-time AI image adjustment

Every second of content is instantly analyzed and the image quality is adjusted accordingly. The powerful AI processor delivers stunning images at any size with a resolution of up to 4K, adjusts contrast and can reduce image noise.

Stunning dynamic range

A statement in the field of image display: Thanks to HDR10 and LED HDR, The Wall All-in-One can display scenes with high peak brightness and deep contrast for precise, realistic images.

Fluid movements

For sharp, clear movements: The Wall All-in-One automatically converts standard 60 Hz signals to 120 Hz, reducing annoying screen judder during fast-paced action. Enjoy an immersive viewing experience.


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