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Digital information stele with 50" Android media player

Digital information stele with 50" Android media player

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Digital information stele with 50" Android media player in portrait format

The screen can be upgraded to a network screen, offering numerous new features such as remote updates and multiple media zones.

Giant Tablet Styling Designed to resemble a giant smartphone or tablet. The elegant and sexy look is achieved through a striking aluminum bezel and stunning IPX1 edge-toedge glass.

LED backlight improves brightness and contrast, improves service life and reduces power consumption. The panel and backlight have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

Plug and Play is the easiest way to upload content to the screen. Simply load images and videos onto a USB stick and insert them into the display. Wait for the content to be copied and then removed. Your images and videos will now play in an endless loop.

If you want to use the screen as a monitor, you can connect devices via HDMI and VGA.

Designed with discreet retractable casters for easy portability; Once the screen is in position, the wheels can be retracted.

This digital information stele with 50" Android media player has its own HD Android media player and does not require any additional hardware or software. Load your pictures and videos onto a USB stick, open the compartment door of the screen and insert the USB stick . This will copy the files to the screen's internal storage. Once you remove the USB stick, your images and videos will play on a loop. Getting your content onto the screen couldn't be easier.

You can update your screen by simply copying your images and videos directly to your USB stick, but if you have more complex needs you can use the free scheduling software that comes with the screen. This software allows you to display different content at certain times of the day, for example a restaurant could display breakfast menus in the morning, lunch menus in the afternoon and dinner menus in the evening. You can also adjust image duration and transition effects using this software.

Higher image quality and color depth with an extremely wide viewing angle of 178°. There is no decrease in color accuracy and no deflection in contrast ratio at wide angles. From bright sunlight to the most demanding lighting environments, these digital signposts are designed to reproduce and maintain the ultimate color temperature for lifelike images. The panel is also optimized for mounting in portrait or landscape format.

A commercial-grade panel with a 50,000-hour lifespan and high-quality components ensure this display operates 24/7. Tablet-like styling is achieved through the tempered glass front and sturdy steel casing, which are framed in an unpainted aluminum frame, unlike cheap imitations.

Our fully trained team can help you choose the best digital advertising screens for your needs and budget. Call us today on +49 8584 2029968 or write to and we will advise you in a friendly and professional manner.

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