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Samsung Flip 3, 75 inch and 85 inch, 4K UHD Samsung Flip Chart

Samsung Flip 3, 75 inch and 85 inch, 4K UHD Samsung Flip Chart

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Samsung Flip 3 enables interactive learning in teaching and training environments. Teachers can use this

Flip design effective and modern lessons and make use of versatile functions. The digital board has multiple-use input options such as writing with a pen or a pen-like object, drawing and painting in oil and watercolor look. Several people can work on content and board pictures at the same time, which means learning success can be achieved collaboratively. Various educational systems can be used conveniently via browser and optional OPS player. Responsive technology, protection against certain bacteria and glass breakage, and PIN encryption of content contribute to a pleasant and secure teaching and learning experience.

Work together with little delay

Teachers can easily develop teaching material together with the class on the Flip 3. The touchscreen technology enables cooperative use by up to 4 people at the same time. Thanks to the low response time of just 34 milliseconds, the feeling of using Flip 3 is similar to drawing and writing on paper.

Working with pens and fingers

The included pens or the user's fingers are used for handwriting and sketches - the contact surface is automatically recognized so that line widths can be flexibly varied as required. If you want to delete something, all you have to do is wipe it with individual fingers or the entire palm of your hand.

Protection against bacteria

The Flip 3's antibacterial coating inhibits the accumulation and spread of certain types of bacteria. This means that teachers and learners are better protected from these and can concentrate fully on the lesson.

Minimize splinters

Accidents can happen. That's why the display is covered with a protective film. If the display breaks, the additional protective layer can protect students and teaching staff from splinter injuries.

Easily use software learning solutions

Samsung is partnering with Boxlight, a leading provider of educational software from the USA, to offer modern learning solutions via Flip 3. This means teaching staff can access a large selection of diverse learning content and easily prepare lessons.

Strong hardware new*

The Flip 3 has extensive power reserves. One of the factors contributing to this is the main memory (RAM), which is 20% larger than its predecessor. The internal storage for educational materials has been doubled*. This allows teachers to download content in advance and access it quickly during lessons.

*Compared to Samsung Flip 2.

Integrated web browser

Using the integrated web browser, online learning content can be accessed directly with the Flip 3. Learning videos and other educational aids can be viewed without additional devices and extensive research can be carried out in the classroom directly via the browser.

Lesson plans and school notices at a glance

With the Flip 3, various educational solutions and school information systems from third-party providers can be used. A connection can be easily established using the built-in OPS slot. Flip 3 can become a central hub for lesson planning and display school-wide notifications such as school management announcements or notices about a fire alarm drill.

Use content from different sources

Flip 3 has many connectivity options including USB, HDMI, DP and OPS. Using wireless screen sharing, teachers can wirelessly display content from various compatible devices on the large display.


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