Mobile trade fair displays

Roll-up systems

Pop-up folding displays

Rollup systems in different sizes and shapes; from inexpensive RollUp systems complete with digital printing, to Premium RollUps with a distinctive and meaningful advertising effect, as a mobile professional advertising medium.

All roll-up banner systems have a guarantee of 1 to 10 years and are of high quality and stylish design. What's important is that they are all designed for multiple use!

Our roll-up banner systems are intended for different purposes; "Barracuda": - one-sided RollUp, "Excaliber": - double-sided RollUp, "Imagine": - premium RollUp banner display with removable cassette. However, they are all based on the same principle: quality displays that are built with the best features and have the best price-performance ratio.

The range of roll-up banners and mobile trade fair displays are easy to use. Are easy to assemble, can display graphics in seconds. We are sure that you will find roll-up banners that are suitable for you in our range.

Whether participating in an exhibition, conference or promotional activity, mobile trade fair displays from MODULARE DISPLAYS are the ideal display solution.
Due to the flexibility of our banner systems, you can change graphics instantly by simply flipping them from one side to the other without investing in other mobile exhibition systems.
You can choose different roll-ups with affordable digital printing. Either a two-page banner display or a roll-up cassette that can be replaced in seconds.
If you want a custom roll-up banner display, choose between different roll-up systems starting with widths of 600 mm. There is the option of having print cassettes, which can be changed incredibly quickly.
If you want to use a banner system for indoor and outdoor use and need strong digital printing where the print has to be changed often, we recommend the mobile advertising display. Digital printing is applied to 10mm thick materials. Choose between 300 and 1500 mm wide advertising displays for outdoor campaigns. Fantasy permanent exhibition is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Choose the trade fair system that is right for you from our large selection of RollUp with affordable digital printing! We would be happy to advise you individually.

The pop-up folding wall display from MODULARE DISPLAYS offers maximum portability. Can be easily integrated into a larger exhibition stand, creating a continuous exhibition wall with affordable digital printing. The variable pop-up height and modularity allows these mobile trade fair displays to be set up in an exhibition space of various sizes. With little effort, quick assembly and easy printing, the pop-up folding wall series adds that little something extra to every presentation and trade fair stand.

The diversity of mobile trade fair displays is given by the wide range of options that can be ordered, as follows:

  • Discover the advantages of a portable exhibition stand that can be set up in just a few minutes
  • Aluminum structure can be set up quickly and provides support for print and fabric panels.
  • An exhibition stand can be created from several pop-up folding walls placed next to each other.
  • The print can easily be changed for another exhibition.
  • Wide range of accessories available - spotlights, shelves with lighting for displaying small products, brochure stands
  • Creation of light boxes on certain parts of the pop-up folding wall display
  • Composition of two or more PopUp stands to form a large exhibition wall
  • Good combination with all mobile trade fair displays and trade fair systems from MODULARE DISPLAYS
  • The possibility of being covered with digital printing on both sides
  • Folding wall panels whose color can be selected from a variety of colors

We have designed new brackets that reduce the thickness of the hook, thereby preventing buckling. This is one of the many innovations that improve the appearance of the mobile exhibition stand. We know that these little things are important to our customers.

  • Large selection of mobile trade fair displays
  • the most options for the difference between competitors
  • After sales service and installation instructions
  • Dedicated technical support for the production of graphics
  • Free exhibition stand design projects
  • Width
  • Very good quality / price ratio
  • Modulation is mounted in different ways

With little effort, quick assembly and easy printing, the pop-up folding wall series adds that certain something extra to every presentation and trade fair stand. We are able to create a range of pop-up configurations for presentations and exhibitions.

Whether an exhibition or trade fair appearance, whether a sales center or a showroom, with portable vertical roll-up banners with digital printing you have the ideal display solution for immediate exhibitions. We are committed to delivering the best value for money with a range of mobile trade fair displays suitable for every task, be it trade fairs, exhibitions, presentations and events.
Our large format banner displays and portable trade show stands cover a wide range, from simple, cost-effective trade show displays to more extensive and specialized advertising media, for both one-time use and extended use. The digital print is easy to change by replacing the roll-up banner (the process is quick and easy) or by pushing the print on the roll bar. For outdoor use, there are portable advertising flags, outdoor banners and promotional counters with inexpensive digital printing, as well as other special portable advertising displays for trade fairs and exhibitions. By connecting more mobile trade fair displays you get larger modular trade fair stands.
All banner systems come with carrying cases that can protect the digital print, as well as optional support and lighting.

  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Easy to assemble, quick and comfortable, completely tool-free
  • It is packaged for easy transportation

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We have banner systems with combinations of different features that offer something suitable for every application and every marketing budget.

Mobile trade fair systems

Our linear trade fair system gives you complete flexibility of a custom-made product with the user-friendliness of a standard trade fair system. A series of perfect mobile trade fair displays with affordable digital printing for demonstration systems, shop displays and trade fairs.

The Linear exhibition system offers a wide range of structures, many different accessories - brochure holders, screen holders, side tables and lighting for unlimited exhibition stand design possibilities at affordable prices. All linear trade fair systems are mobile trade fair displays that are quick and easy to set up. You can put together the individual elements into a trade fair display as desired, and we can also design a trade fair stand according to your specifications.

  • Easy to assemble, no special tools required
  • Modulation - multiple stand reconfiguration depending on the surface
  • Lightweight aluminum components
  • Available in 7 - 10 days
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Display solutions for affordable exhibitions

If you need a larger portable exhibition stand than our standard versions, you can have a linear mobile exhibition stand designed according to your wishes. Linear measuring system is very versatile. You have the option of putting together a modular linear trade fair stand from various components as desired. For your next event, you can redesign the portable trade fair stand as you wish.

Linear Vector trade fair system - double-sided freestanding mobile trade fair displays with affordable digital printing can be used as backgrounds and partitions. Invisible aluminum frames can be used to create nightless advertising spaces, perfect for branding and many other advertising purposes.

Linear Vector trade fair system is suitable for fabric coverings and print media. Vector mobile trade fair displays are modular and can therefore be expanded and redesigned as desired. The digital prints can be installed on site because they are attached to the frame from the front, meaning that the advertising can be easily replaced on a regular basis.

Outdoor displays collection

Our outdoor range is ideal for all types of corporate and sporting events, folk festivals, advertising campaigns and showrooms. Our popular outdoor mobile trade show displays are designed to give you the maximum impact for your budget, whatever you need. We have expanded our range of flags with affordable digital printing to give you more options to achieve the right effect.

Our advertising media for indoor and outdoor advertising are weatherproof, robust and easy to set up. The hollow feet can be filled with water/sand. All outdoor displays, including inexpensive digital printing, are suitable for lighter winds of around 20-30 km/h.

  • Quick Installation
  • Resistant structures
  • Very good price-performance ratio

Brochure stand

  • Maximize the impact of portable brochure stands
  • A large selection of elegant and functional brochure stands in all price ranges suitable for every exhibition.
  • Various models of portable brochure stands created specifically for marketing can be used in any presentation.
  • All of our brochure stands are foldable and easy to transport.
  • The brochure stands can be assembled quickly and without special tools
  • A large selection of elegant and functional brochure stands
  • Includes carry bag for easy portability

Promotional counters

  • We offer you a wide selection of promotional counters with affordable digital printing for advertising campaigns
  • Presentation columns, individual lockable trade fair counters.
  • All of our trade fair counters can be set up quickly, without tools
  • The promotional counters are folded flat for transport
  • You can add a logo and promotional graphics to the promotional counters to personalize them

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