We offer superior customer service, high quality prints, competitive pricing and fast turnaround. You can order your hardware and your digital printing at the same time. The print is assembled and the display can be delivered complete to you or directly to your customer.

Because we offer this complete package under one roof, your advertising display can be shipped within 5 days of placing your order.

1. Find your mobile trade fair display - We offer you an overwhelming selection of modular trade fair systems that put advertising in the right light. In our modular trade fair systems catalog you will find standard trade fair displays as well as custom-made modular trade fair stands that meet your marketing budget.

2. For digital printing, it is best to always send us open documents in the appropriate layout programs PDF, EPS and TIFF, if they are created in the correct size or reduced to the correct scale. Our preparation team will check your details and send you a print.

Please enclose complete proofs of your documents, preferably PDFs for viewing.

3. Select the print material. We offer large format digital prints on textile as well as flexible or rigid print media

4. We will cut your large format digital print to size and, depending on your choice, sew it, laminate it, laminate it or add eyelets and mount it

5. All digital prints are assembled and checked for quality before shipping.

This is what you need to consider:

PDF files - we like them best! Please save in a print-optimized manner.


Please always convert them into character paths. Please include the screen and print character sets for all fonts used. Fonts for texts and imported logos should always be provided.


Imported logos should, if possible, be created as vector graphics.

Color adjustment

For digital printing, please create all colors in CMYK color mode.

Print offer

Sublimation printing - This is a direct-to-fabric printing process in which water-based ink is bonded to the fabric. This means the print is waterproof and colorfast for at least 6 months. Sublimation printing textiles can be folded for transport and easily washed without bleeding or fading.

UV – In this modern printing process, the ink is cured with ultraviolet light and can be used for various flexible and rigid printing media. Once the ink has cured and bonded to the print media, lamination is no longer necessary.

Structural laminate – 100 my laminate for print media. Suitable for all high-quality polyester banners and pop-up PVC media.

Mobile trade fair displays design and trade fair stands project management

Exhibition and event graphics

Graphics are the key to visual communication within an event and must work from the brand to the entire concept.
We offer you a free 3D design to promote the sales of the desired mobile trade fair displays and portable trade fair stands. You are getting everything out of one hand with us. Our professional design team will find a display solution to design your perfect mobile custom exhibition stand. We would be happy to make you an offer.

  • 2D and 3D design for mobile trade fair displays and portable trade fair stands
  • Reconfiguration services for existing modular exhibition stands
  • Graphic creation services
  • Printing services for large masses

MODULARE DISPLAYS knows the importance of the execution quality of graphics and, with the help of digital printing services, produces materials with which to decorate the “indoor” exhibition stands. The graphics production department puts in the effort to find the best trade fair presentation solutions.

A company that finds the best solutions for exhibitions and events.

For the events you are attending, we can use 3D graphics software to rearrange the same portable elements to fit in a new shape and different surface size. Our team offers you design projects for your events.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality services and trade fair displays. That's why we decided to offer you complete design and production services:

  • a wide range of mobile trade fair displays and portable trade fair stands
  • Full-color digital printing on various printing materials
  • mounting the graphics on the displays
  • Quality testing

MODULARE DISPLAYS tries to offer the best price-performance directory for mobile trade fair displays including digital printing.

We are at your disposal at any time:, or Tel.:0172 3894912.

Products, dimensions and colors

We offer almost all mobile trade fair systems and portable trade fair stands available on the German market. We would be happy to advise you on the purchase, design and ultimately the use of exhibition systems. Ask for

We develop and create overall concepts that are perfectly tailored to you and your company, thereby increasing your recognition value many times over. This is how advertising should be.

We are also your contact when it comes to developing new mobile trade fair displays, because we accompany you from the beginning right through to market readiness and tailor advertising measures perfectly to the new display system.

Mobile trade fair displays with affordable digital printing available immediately from stock

We deliver directly from our warehouses in Germany and Great Britain. Due to our warehousing and optimized processes, orders for finished products that reach us by 2 p.m. are loaded on the same day. This means we can guarantee you fast and competitive delivery.

Transport and assembly

MODULARE DISPLAYS takes care of the logistics for events and ensures your trade fair appearance.

A modular exhibition stand is the best display solution as it takes up little space when stored between two events.

MODULAR DISPLAYS can create a mobile, individual exhibition stand for you. Logistics are very important and must not be neglected.